About Us

Established in 1998, the team at Asia Access Telecom is excited to be a part of the vast potential of the voice market. Tremendous synergies can be created by focusing on a well-defined target market. We look forward to delivering cost effective solutions to each and every customer. Our experience will help guide us in our quest to Connect these Cultures.

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Free Carrier Portal

New clients will have their own portal to manage their traffic in real time
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Operational Efficiency

Most of our processes are automated giving us time to focus on you!
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Regulatory Compliance

We stay up to date on the latest changes to the FCC requirements .

No Limits

New technologies have placed affordable telecommunications within the reach of vast new segments of the world’s population. Falling prices created by market competition have served to fuel exponential growth in these expanding markets. As more and more economies deregulate their telecommunication infrastructures, exciting new opportunities are created for established global carriers such as Asia Access Telecom.

The Future

Reflecting on the progress of telecommunications this century, we see vast growth through the creation of new technologies, a blur between “voice” and “data,” the dramatic influence of competitive strategies and the resulting explosion of call volumes.

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We’re committed to giving our customers the finest customer service available in the industry. Our customers are supported by multilingual technicians available on a 24-7 basis to resolve service-effecting issues. Billing and administrative queries are handled by our New Jersey office during normal business hours.

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